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item Bombonera
Genuine Allligator skin
item LEO, Genuine Crocodile Bag
Genuine Allligator skin
item Hobo M, Bolso coco
Genuine Allligator skin
item Bolso de piel de cocodrilo
item B6565
Crocodile Misisipi
item B7744F
Crocodile Misisipi

Crocodile bags in Pol & Cler

If you want to use some exclusive bags, you just have to go into Pol and Cler website and llok for the last designs of crocodile handbags. You will can find all sizes, colours and materials, for example: you will can buy brown,red or black handbags or regarding to size, you will can take small or large handbags. You will find the best quality of handbags in the world if you visit the website.

This website of Pol and Cler can send the handbag to your own home if you want, you just have to pay fifteen euros when you make the purchase of the handbag. This brand, Pol and Cler, deliveries the crocodile bags all over the world (Spain, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, China, United States of America, etc.)

If you have any doubt, you can take contact with the person in charge of the website, in the Contact button, you just have to write your name and surname, your phone (optional), your adress and city (optional), your e - mail and your suggestion. They accept all comments, questions, critics and it is a way of improving the service. You can also contact with them by means of phone number (966 967 960) or writing an e - mail to this direction: You can find the website in three languages: Spanish, English and German.

In the website you will can see all the handbags available, and there are handbags of all prices, from two hundred to four hundred euros. You can also see some shoes in the website. There are shoes of python skin and there are from all the types: Genuine Matt Python, Real Cobra Leather, Fantasy Python or Shine Python snake, and there are different colours: red, black, yellow, purple, blue, pink, beige, white, green, etc and also there are variety of prices, depending the quality of the skin of the shoe.
Factory: C/Calzado, 48 . Apartado 99 | 03630 Sax (Alicante) | Tel. 966.967.960