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Multico I
item Python Bag
Genuine Fantasy Python
Multico II
item Python clutch
Genuine Fantasy Python
item Python shoulder bag
Genuine Matt Python
item Python Fantasy Tote bag
Genuine Matt Python
item Bolso de pitón
Genuine Matt Python
item NIEVE, python tote bag
Genuine Matt Python
item Riñonera de pitón
Genuine Fantasy Python
item Tote bag pitón Fantasía
Genuine Fantasy Python
item Bombonera
Genuine Allligator skin
item LEO, Genuine Crocodile Bag
Genuine Allligator skin
item Hobo M, Bolso coco
Genuine Allligator skin
item 0.M.611
Genuine Matt Python
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Exclusive and Luxury Bags

Fashion these days is all about the accessories women and men wear and not only their clothing style. That is because the right accessory can greatly improve the final look of any outfit. Matching the perfect set of shoes and bags with the appropriate belt and wallet is not such a simple thing since it requires some sort of fashion knowledge and an extraordinary sense of taste. One key element to attract all looks is, definitely, the use of a spectacular luxury bag, such as the ones featured in Pol & Cler’s exclusive bags collection.

Pol & Cler’s catalogue presents an overwhelming list of beautiful luxury bags, incredibly well designed. These snake skin bags are not only impressive and eye catching accessories, but also very comfortable pieces, with a lot of space inside, prepared for special occasions and also, for everyday wear.

Between their exotic skin handbags, there are several ones that will leave everyone in awe with just one look at them. For instance, the Genuine Matt Python bags are a perfect combination of elegance and sophistication, and can be purchased in different colours, such as white, black and red copper. These python bags are embellished with golden and silver plated adornments, which give them a special touch of grace.

Also, the Fantasy Python Handbag is a great example of a magnificent mix between snake skin and a wonderful craftsmanship. Its astonishing animal print will leave no one indifferent. Moreover, this python bag can be used in conjunction with some other accessories from Pol & Cler, such as the Genuine Matt Python wallet (available in several snake skin tones), the Genuine Crocodrile black purse, the iPad and phone covers made of python skin, and much more. These lustrous exclusive bags are for sure a must have for those who really want to stand out and create a trend.

Pol & Cler’s designs are a fantastic example of how to make a product with a sleek pattern and the best quality possible.
Factory: C/Calzado, 48 . Apartado 99 | 03630 Sax (Alicante) | Tel. 966.967.960